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Five Pillars

Since 1998, GLAD House has provided comprehensive solutions to the complex problems of substance abuse in the family. Children of addicted parents face many obstacles. Parental substance abuse interrupts a child’s normal development which places youngsters at higher risk for emotional, behavioral, physical and mental health problems. That’s why a holistic approach to meet a variety of the child's needs is important. We meet children right where their needs are so they can overcome their circumstances and thrive.

Our program is built on five critical pillars to help children break the cycle of abuse and realize their full potential:

Prevent Substance Abuse

All children receive prevention education focused on substance abuse and bullying. They work to develop emotional and social skills that will give them confidence to stand up and say no.

Improve Mental Health


Providing individual, group and family treatment along with case management helps children manage emotions, change behaviors and effectively deal with life’s challenges.

Achieve Success in Schools

Homework assistance puts children on track to succeed in school. Our therapists and case managers work with families and schools to create individualized learning plans for children who need extra help.

Improve Social and Life Skills


Recreation and cultural activities open new horizons and spark interests in youth as they experience the arts, music, science and diverse events that are positive alternatives to drug and alcohol use. They learn to create future goals and plans with self-determination and self-advocacy.

Strengthen Families


The focus on family is a critical component of the overall success of the program. GLAD House involves the entire family in the healing process to build trust and achieve long-term success.

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