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Children in Classroom

Improving the life of children and their families by breaking the cycle of addiction

Parent at GH

"GLAD house is a part of our family beacause of the support they provide. When my child first cmae to GLAD house, it was very rough in the beginning but it got better with time. They taight my child how to take accountability for their actions."

Tyreek, Student at GH

"My life was in shambles before GLAD hosue. It was hard, stressfull and crazy. At GLAD House I learned to control my anger. Now I'm a peer mediator at my school because of my involvment with GLAD House."

Parent at GH

"My child wold not have friends if it wasn't for GG. GH has pushed them to do they would have before; their communication skills have greatly imrpoved beacuse of the group work and now he can make friends at GH and beyond."
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