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GH Kids Vote for President!

The young leaders of GLAD House are gearing up for the Kid Government Elections! This January, our amazing kids will be participating in this empowering program, learning valuable skills and making a positive impact on their peers.

Each role in the Kid Government will teach our kids to listen to their peers, and collaborate on how to present the changes they want to see! They are learning teamwork, responsibility, and effective communication through real-life experiences. When children have a strong sense of agency and control, they are empowered in all areas of their lives.


Participating in elections gives children a sense of empowerment and agency. It allows them to have a voice in decision-making processes and feel that their opinions matter. They are offered a place for creativity, innovation, and self-expression!

Leadership Skills:

Leadership roles helps our kids develop skills, including communication, teamwork, conflict-resolution, and problem-solving.

Critical Thinking:

Through the election process, kids learn to think critically and make decisions based on their values and the needs of their peers. This enhances their analytical skills and decision-making abilities.

Social Skills:

Engaging in campaigns, speeches, and collaborative projects improves our kids' social skills. They learn how to interact with their peers, express their ideas, and work together towards common goals.

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Here are some more of the nominees' platforms... Who has your vote?

Vote for Noah for President! You should vote for me because I will make a change in GLAD House. I would add two trips a week and add mega top drawer. ALSO: Amir is a tough competitor so please if I win tell him Good Job :)

Vote for Amir for President! The people in GLAD House should vote for Amir because I will check to see ifyou guys wanted to reach your goals or if you guys wanted to pass them and if you guys vote for me... What will happen is you guys are gonna think about your goals and surpass them.

Vote for Sara for Vice President! Please because I'm a good influence, and I will treat you like I want to be treated.

Vote for Jay for Vice President! I think you should vote for Jay because I would make GLAD House a lot of fun by adding hot chips for snack, chicken nuggets for lunch, and we could do two pieces of candy each week, and we could have student of the week!

Vote for Maya for Event Coordinator! I will make GLAD House even more fun than it was last year!!

Through these elections, the GLAD House kids are building their confidence and self esteem, while we nurture their feelings of community. These empowered young minds are ready to make a difference in the world!


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