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The Promise of GLAD House

There is a promise that lives in springtime.

The layers of heavy clothing begin to get lighter until all of the sweaters and coats are packed away for a few months. The days begin to stretch and lengthen until we are greeted with sunlight in the morning, and well after dinner. And all of the flowers that we’ve forgotten – the tulips, the daffodils – surprise us once again and make us smile.

There is a promise that lives in children.

Some children, like the children of GLAD House, live with the impact of the addiction of their parents. Like the heavy layers of winter clothing, sharing their childhood with substance abuse binds their movement and weighs them down.

But like a tulip bulb, the children of GLAD House hold within them the potential of any child. They are waiting for the chance to surprise the world with their own brightness, their own joy.

There is a promise that lives in GLAD House.

GLAD House recognizes the potential that lives in each child. We provide a safe space for them to lay down their burden each day, to stretch and run and play and grow. We provide caring and professional mental health services to help them understand their emotions and live with them in healthy ways. We provide access to the great big world around them filled with art, music, sports, games and nature so that they can connect to all of the possibilities it holds. And we provide education about substance abuse, to arm them with the knowledge they need to make choices that will break the intergenerational cycle of addiction in this generation.

Your support of GLAD House is a promise fulfilled. Each time you give to GLAD House, you are sending a strong message to our kids that you believe in the promise that lives within them. It will take time – it always takes time to wait for spring – but it is always worth the wait.

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