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Spring Forward Newsletter Updates

The Spring Forward Newsletter is available to read! This annual newsletter is a celebration of all our kids have accomplished in recent months. Please note that this Spring Forward newsletter went to print before Cincinnati closed with stay at home orders, so we would like to provide some very important updates regarding our GLAD House services, as well as still celebrate the successes our kids have had over the last couple of months.

IMPORTANT NEWSLETTER UPDATE: Please note that the June Annual Meeting is subject to change. The coronavirus situation is rapidly changing, and we will continue to follow best safe practices for gatherings and meetings. If we are unable to hold our June meeting, we will postpone or hold a virtual meeting. Please see our website for most current details.

Here is how the GLAD House team is serving the children of addicted parents in our Cincinnati community:

  • Kids first. As always, the health and well-being of our kids is our top priority. Our therapists are reaching out for weekly contact with each one of our kids to serve their mental health needs. While we miss our kids tremendously, it is very exciting for our therapists and kids to be able to connect through tele-therapy.

  • Provide essential resources. Each of our kids are from low-income families, and our kids used to eat dinner on school nights at GLAD House. GLAD House therapists are helping our families receive the food and necessities they need. Some of the resources are coming from GLAD House’s own Helping Hands Pantry, which we drop off (from a social distance!) at their front door!

  • Reinforce coping skills. Now more than ever, healthy coping skills are essential to manage this stressful situation. At GLAD House, our kids learn those skills every day. Our therapists are keeping in contact with our kids to reinforce the skills they have learned, and help them navigate how to apply those skills to their new stay-at-home lives.

  • Stay engaged—from home. We are utilizing our website and Facebook presence to provide helpful information (such as where kids can receive free meals), and healthy activities to keep kids engaged at home.

  • Teach the community. While we currently cannot hold our after school program, we are seizing the opportunity to focus on better preparing the community to treat this unique population of children. Our Outreach Coordinator is conducting virtual trainings to mental health providers and parents called “Roadmap of Trauma-Informed Parenting Strategies” (R-TIPS).

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