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Champs Program Reopening!

After months of serving our families remotely and weeks of carefully preparing our building, GLAD House will re-open on Monday, June 22! We have missed our kids terribly and are excited to welcome them into the summer program. GLAD House has made many changes to our building so that our kids and staff will be safe.

We will be transporting kids to GH in small household groups, have purchased washable masks and small tables that can be placed 6 feet from each other throughout the group rooms, have invested in fun activities that can be done on-site in lieu of field trips, will be taking the temperature of everyone who enters the building, and will be disinfecting the building nightly. When our kids return, we know that they will be experiencing an increase in negative symptoms due to their isolation, the sudden change in their access to a safe space, and their need to quickly create new coping mechanisms. Please consider a donation today, which will help us provide the safe, fun experience that the children of addicted parents deserve and need!

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