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Summertime Spark

School is out and our kids are so excited for summer at GLAD House – trips to the pool, running in the park, horseback riding, art, games, and good times with friends.

But there is much more at work than just fun in the sun. By casting the net wide on all of the activities our community has to offer, we are also introducing kids to fun, safe things to do that DO NOT rely on the use of substances. This will light a spark that lasts a lifetime.

One little girl, age 8, has a natural talent for chess. Someday, she will pass up the joint because she doesn’t want to smoke away any of her strategic knowledge.

One little boy, age 10, is really good at football. Someday, he will skip the keg because he doesn’t want to be hung over the next day and disappoint his team.

One little boy, age 12, loves animals and can catch any snake or lizard within 20 yards of him. Someday, he will cope with a life disappointment by walking in the words, rather than reaching for a pill.

GLAD House is where someday starts today. What a great way to spend a summer vacation!


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