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How To: Character Art Canvas

Summer is here and it’s time to get creative! This crayon art canvas is perfect for kids of all ages, and they’ll be super excited to put their favorite character on their wall!

What you’ll need:

1 blank canvas

Crayons (used or unused)

Hot glue gun

Blow dryer




How to:

Step 1: Unwrap all of your crayons. You can either use new ones to create a straight line, or use a mix of used crayons to create a neat texture along the top of your canvas.

Step 2: Hot glue the crayons to the top of the canvas. The pointed ends should face downward.

Step 3: Do an image search to find a silhouette of your favorite character. Print the image, and then carefully cut it out. Hot glue the image to the canvas wherever you like.

Step 4: Blow dry the crayons—make sure you keep the power on low so that the wax does not splatter! You can change the angle that you blow dry from in order to make the wax drip in different directions.

Step 5: Let the canvas dry, and you’re done!


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