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Breathe, Chill, Relax: The Art of Mindfulness and Yoga

We are all looking for a little peace and relaxation in this hectic world. . . .and you’re never too young to start! This summer, the GLAD House kids learned all about yoga and mindfulness through kid-friendly activities. This included focusing on breathing, animal yoga poses, and beginning each morning by making a “mental milk shake” filled with all of the positive thoughts for the day. By helping kids begin to practice mindfulness and yoga, they are learning the tools they need to calm their bodies and minds so they can truly focus on the hard work of being a kid.

Now you can practice at home too!

How to do Snake Breath:

1. Sit up tall. Take a deep breath in, filling up your whole body.

2. Pause and breathe out slowly and smoothly, making a hissing sound for as long as you can.

3. Repeat for three to five rounds, feeling yourself slow down and become calmer each time.

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