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Everyday Success: Encouragement

Every day is another page in our kids' stories. At GLAD House, we love to celebrate all successes, big and small. Sometimes the best achievements are those that happen day by day!

Recently, Justin came to GLAD House rather upset—he had not had a good day. When his friends saw this they immediately asked him what was wrong, so he told them:

Justin and his sister had been fighting a lot at home, and he was feeling frustrated. He felt that his sister never listened to him, and that she was trying to make him mad on purpose.

As Justin shared his story and his feelings with his group, each of his friends listened intently. When he was finished, they encouraged Justin to be patient and to forgive his sister, and to use empathy—just like they had been learning from their group leader Ms. Heather.

Justin was really happy to have all the support of his friends. When he came back to GLAD House the next day, he told his group that he and his sister had made up! That's what we call a success!

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