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How To: Apple "Doughnuts"

Look no further for a healthy treat that's just as fun to make as it is delicious! These tasty goodies may look like doughnuts, but they're actually apples!

What you'll need:

Large apples An apple corer and peeler Yogurt (your favorite flavor—we used vanilla!) Sprinkles Optional: Food coloring

You can also use other toppings for the "frosting," like cream cheese or peanut butter!


(Optional Step: If your child doesn't like apple skin, you can use your apple peeler to take the skin off now.)

Step 1: Use the apple corer to take the core out of the middle of the apple.

Step 2: Slice the apple horizontally into approximately 1/2 inch slices.

Step 3: Spread the yogurt onto one side of the apple (Tip: If you want, you can use a couple drops of food coloring to mix first and dye your "frosting"!)

Step 4: Let your child decorate the "doughnut" with sprinkles!


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