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Art Gallery: You're Invited!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about what GLAD House does for the children of our community, and how you can be involved? Join us for an evening of fine art, drinks, and light refreshments—we’d LOVE to meet you!

The end of the school year is an exciting time at GLAD House. Throughout the year, our kids have overcome many obstacles, and have learned so much about themselves and how to live their lives in a fulfilling and drug-free way. To express this, they have created beautiful art that celebrates all of their achievements! Join us at the Third Annual Art Gallery, where you will be able to see the kids’ marvelous creations and meet the wonderful staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers who help make what we do possible.

If you want to become more involved, you can personally speak with our board about engaging with our community. If you are a donor, we would LOVE for you to come by so that we can thank you for all you do! See you there!

Date: May 31, 2017

Time: 4:30 PM

Location: GLAD House

1994 Madison Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

RSVP by: May 24

RSVP to: Alexandra Birr

513-641-5530 x111

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