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Art and Talent Show Highlights!

This year, our kids have worked hard. Being in their shoes isn't easy--all of our kids have a caregiver who has struggled with addiction. At GLAD House, these kids have been working every single day to learn the tools they need to surpass their difficult surroundings and build a drug-free future.

And they're doing GREAT! This year they have learned about coping skills, empathy, anti-bullying, and how to be a positive force in this world--just to name a few! At the end of our school year program, we decided to celebrate this! All of the kids' families were invited, and we held an Art and Talent Show to show off all that they have learned this year! It was a BLAST! Check out some of their incredible creations!

(To learn more about each art installation, you can click on the picture or text)

Each of our kids have the power to impact a positive change on the world--change starts with us! Each child illustrated a piece of the world with the change they want to make.

Coping skills help our kids calm down in difficult situations. This helps them increase their positive behavior and decrease anxiety. Each of these popsicle sticks has a coping skill that our kids like to use.

Self esteem is so important to a child's happiness, future success, and their ability to stay away from drugs. These clay sculptures represent their positive thoughts about themselves.

Positive self talk is an important skill that helps our kids focus, build self esteem, and calm down. Each "petal" in this flower has an example of a positive phrase our kids say to themselves.

Our kids are so unique and special! They created silhouettes that represent all of their interests and the things they love about themselves. (Click the link for more silhouettes!)

Our kids are breaking out of the school year into the summer, ready to use everything they've learned to make this summer memorable and fun! To learn more about what summer has in store for GLAD House, visit our Summer Update page.

To support these amazing kids and their progress, click the link below!

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