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Be the Change You Want to See

This year at GLAD House, our theme had been "be the change you want to see in the world!"

All of our kids have the power to impact a positive change in the world, but too often due to their stressful home lives, they feel burdened and powerless.

At GLAD House, they are discovering that they DO have the ability to make changes not only in their own lives, but in others' as well! They are learning more each day about their own personal potential, and how they can use their strengths to help the community around them.

For the Art Show, each child and staff member was provided with a little piece of the world, which they illustrated with the change they want to see. When the project was reassembled, it created an amazing depiction of the Earth, and all the changes our kids are going to help make!

Here are just a few of the changes they want to see:

* A clean world for everybody * I want to help people's emotions with creative expression * No poverty! * A drug free world * Be everyone's friend

What change do YOU want to see in the world?

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