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Coping Skills

Coping skills are ways in which we learn to deal with various stressors.

At GLAD House the kids learn coping skills to utilize when they are experiencing strong emotions. These coping skills help them to stay in control of their emotions, reduce their acting out behavior, decrease anxiety, and/or to stay calm during conflict.

The kids at GLAD House are taught a variety of coping strategies such as positive imagery, belly breathing, muscle relaxation, using a stress ball, taking a break and more. Not all coping skills work for everyone so we encourage the kids to identify and use the coping skills that work best for them.

Each of these popsicle sticks are decorated with just one example of a coping mechanism that our kids can an do use to calm down when they encounter a stressful situation! The completed project was displayed at our Art Show Celebration.

Do you have a favorite coping skill?

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