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One Fun Summer Can Change A Life

Summertime is about making memories to last a lifetime.

It is about being carefree and seeing where the day takes you—a splash in the pool, a hike in the woods, meeting new friends, or hanging around the camp fire catching lightening bugs at the end of the night. It is about feeling safe to explore your surroundings to inspire creativity, and having the confidence to try new things.

Many children are not able to spend their summer feeling safe and carefree because they are worrying about where their next meal will come from, if there will be a shooting in their neighborhood, or if their parents will have the strength to conquer their addiction.

GLAD House is a place where for a little while every day, these kids are able to set down their burdens. They are able to process their feelings about their difficult experiences, learn coping strategies to reduce their stress and solve problems. Just as importantly, it’s a place where they can make the summer memories that every child should have!

Our summer prevention program is filled with activities such as swimming at the pool, rock climbing, and horseback riding. YOU can help us provide these amazing opportunities for children of addicted parents.


Your gift today can continue to give throughout the summer months:

$100 – Provides 1 week of summer activities for four kids. This is allows children to be kids during the summer by splashing around at the pool and learning about meditation, yoga, or even how to juggle from trained circus performers.

$250 – Provides 10 weeks of summer activities for 1 kid. The best way to avoid future substance abuse is to give children access to healthy outlets. GLAD House provides opportunities for these children to learn about dance, music, rock climbing, gymnastics, and horseback riding.

$475 – Provides 1 week of summer activities AND mental health treatment for 1 kid. In addition to all the activities to make a memorable summer, with a licensed therapist, children process past trauma and learn coping skills to manage their anxiety and depression to help these children have a safe and carefree summer.


I am looking forward to the laughter and energy the summer brings at GLAD House. You can make a difference in the lives of at least 30 children this summer. Please, consider a gift today in honor of these resilient children—they all deserve a safe and carefree summer!

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