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Changing the Future for Children of Addicted Parents

GLAD House is proud to partner with Children's Hospital for the second year to organize the Children of Addicted Parents Conference.

REGISTRATION OPEN Register today! In 2016 this conference had a wait list!


* Discuss the future of neonatal abstinence syndrome and the long term outcomes of in utero exposure * Discuss the psychosocial and mental health aspects of living with parents affected by substance abuse * Discuss the educational issues of children affected by parental substance abuse * Discuss the children’s services and the implication of removing children from their parents * Discuss solutions to the socio-emotional, educational and socio-economic issues children of addicted parents face


Jonathan Davis, MD Chief, Division of Newborn Medicine Neonatologist

Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine

Colleen Kraft, MD President-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Dan Nelson, MD Medical Director, Child Psychiatry Unit Cincinnati Children’s Professor, University of Cincinnati Department of Pediatrics

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