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It's Giving Tuesday!

Here at GLAD House, we are always so grateful for the support of our generous donors, who enable us to make huge impacts in the lives of our kids. With your help, we are breaking the cycle of addiction by providing mental health and prevention treatment to children of addicted parents.

The end of the year is drawing to a close, and we've made so many amazing accomplishments this year--but we still have so much we want to do. Our goal is to even better meet or kids' needs for food, safety, and belonging.

Our kids have tumultuous home lives, where they have to shoulder the burdens and uncertainty that come with having a parent addicted to drugs. Many are not even be able to go outside to play because their home neighborhoods are unsafe. GLAD House provides stability and safety, and teaches them ways to cope with their current stress while teaching them how to change their own futures.

One of our clients shared with staff that "GLAD House feels like home. It’s safe here and I have learned to be friendly, fair and respectful."

Another client said, "I have learned that empathy in action is compassion."

Here are examples of how your gift can continue to help these children:

$150 – Provides 10 board games or art supplies for 15 children.

As the temperature decreases outside, the children spend their social recreation time at GLAD House inside. Recess allows the children to practice their social skills by playing board games and to explore their creativity through art projects.

$250 – Provides 10 hours of Substance Abuse Prevention for 10 children.

The best way to avoid future substance abuse is to educate children early on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and teach healthier coping skills, such as art, music, and mindfulness.

$500 – Provides 10 weeks of Social Skills Groups twice a day for 24 children.

Often, the addiction of a caregiver impacts a child’s ability to regulate their emotions and trust others. By being with peers in a group setting, GLAD House kids can learn about empathy, ways to calm down and effective problem solving steps.

Your donation on #GivingTuesday will help these children be the change they want to see in the world… a world of hope, kindness and respect for all life.

Thank you for considering GLAD House as you make your #GivingTuesday gifts this year!

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