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Everyday Success: A Helping Hand

2017 might be drawing to a close, but it’s not too late for one more happy beginning!

Yesterday was Caleb’s first day at GLAD House. He is 7, and although he’s only in 1st grade, he has already moved school twice. Starting in new places can be scary for him, and so he was nervous about trying to figure out the GLAD House schedule.

As Caleb started his homework, he asked his therapist Ms. Crys for help; however, Ms. Crys was already helping another child at the moment. That’s when another GLAD House kid, Jaxon, stepped in!

Jaxon could see that Ms. Crys was busy and asked if he could help out Caleb instead. Jaxon sat with him for the full 30 minutes of homework time. He helped him with his math homework step by step, praised him when he got a correct answer, and patiently taught him when he was incorrect. Caleb felt so encouraged that not only did he finish all his homework, he made a new friend!

When homework time was over, Caleb went to his group and Jaxon went to his older kids group. But at the end of the day during dinner time, Jaxon invited Caleb to sit next to him. By the time the kids left on the Ride Right vans, Caleb wasn’t nervous at all about coming back tomorrow.

We’re so proud of Jaxon for being so welcoming and helpful, and for helping Caleb have a great first day!

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