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Holiday Wrap-Up and Pinecone Tree How-To

Happy New Year! GLAD House is back in full swing and ready to go in 2018!

Before we kick off with all the new exciting things our kids will be doing in 2018, here’s a holiday wrap up!

Before Christmas Break, GLAD House had our annual Santa’s Workshop Holiday party. Generous donors gave toys, games, and clothing to be added to our “Workshop.” The kids were then able to pick out presents for every member of their families and wrap them.

Santa's Workshop Formica Volunteer

We had hot chocolate and karaoke (our kids ROCK btw!), and all the kids went home with a present of their own. A very special thanks to St. Columban Church and Formica, who made our Santa Workshop possible. In the words of 5-year-old Cara, "I like this day!"

Our kids also made super fun (and glittery!) pinecone trees that you can bookmark for the next holiday season!

Here’s how we did it:

Supplies needed:



Liquid glue


Paper plates

Foam stars or other star decoration

How To:

(Pre step). If you are using a freshly picked pinecones, make sure they are bug-free!

1. Place the pinecone point upright on a paper plate

2. Paint the tips of the pinecones with liquid glue

3. Gently sprinkle glitter onto all of the “branches” of the pinecone

4. Glue your star ornament to the top of the tree

5. Let the glue dry, and then admire your work!

How was your holiday?

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