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Generous Hearts

This year, we were so happy to receive a donation of 30 baskets for our kids! These baskets were filled with toys, candy, coloring books, and stuffed animals. Thank you, Glendale Presbyterian Church! Our kids loved them. (Our staff loved them maybe a little too much...)

Ms. Crys, therapist, being extra festive

Three days after the baskets and bunnies went home with our kids, a mom called our therapist Ms. Crys to thank her for the basket that we provided. Unfortunately, the mom did not have the money to purchase Easter baskets for her two children this year. When her daughter, Kayla, came home from GLAD House with a basket, she was just as excited as her daughter was!

One of thirty amazing, fun baskets!

Even better, as soon as Kayla got through the door, she ran immediately to her little brother (who is too young to come to GH yet) and said, "Look at 'OUR' Easter basket!" She excitedly took out the items one by one to show her brother, and shared everything.

We're so proud of Kayla's generous heart!

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