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Resiliency Shields

Resilience is the ability to bounce back after a fall. Being a resilient person means to rebound, to come back to a positive position and recover your strength. Resilience means that you spring back and don’t let unhappy experiences keep you down.

Hardships are part of life. You might feel caught in troubles, troubles, and more troubles. Too many troubles and too many bad feelings can pull you into a downward spiral. You can be a “sit down and do nothing except feel sorry for yourself kind of person” or you can be a “GO GETTER”!

At GLAD House we try to help the kids recognize what they already have in their lives that help make them more resilient people, such as positive relationships with family and friends, mindful practice, being optimistic, good self-care, high self-esteem, being open to change, good humor, etc. The kids each did personal inventory of what makes them resilient and decorated their shields in a way that they feel best represents their resilience.

Check out some more of our kids' awesome shields!

How would you decorate your Resilience Shield?

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