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Mindful Labyrinth

Many people think that walking a labyrinth can bring you peace, especially when feeling sad, upset, or angry. All labyrinths have only one entrance: a single roundabout path and a center. You can think of the center as a goal. The path carries you to the center and out again.

The best thing about a Labyrinth is that you know where you are going and how you will return. You can just relax and enjoy the walk. Often when people get to the center of the labyrinth they take time to stop and think. Sometimes as people walk out of labyrinth they might think about how they feel inside and say it out loud. Others might just want to enjoy being quiet. This is up to each individual. The important thing is for you to choose what is best for you.

At GLAD House we had limited space, but we thought making a labyrinth would be a cool project to display for the art show. It would also be something new for us to keep around for the days when kids at GLAD House need a break from group.

This Labyrinth was made under the leadership of one of our group leaders, Ms. Violet, and one of our GLAD House participants, Jarrod. We are proud of all the work they put into this and are all so excited to put the labyrinth to use.

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