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Thank You, Outgoing Board Members!

We were very sad to say goodbye to two of our outgoing board members, Julie Geiler and Sara Rorer, who have retired at the end of their terms. As a thank you, our kids drew pictures for them:

Julie Geiler has been a part of the GLAD House board of directors for 3 years. She served on the Executive Committee as secretary, and as chair of the Program Committee. She has led many discussions on the committee of choosing the right curriculum, outcome tools, and direction for the GLAD House kids.

Sara Rorer has been a board member since 2002, serving on nearly every committee and as Board President for several years. Sara has over 20 years of law experience, and helped extensively with the organization’s COA reaccreditation. We’re happy to say that Sara will still be involved at GLAD House on our Governance and Program Committees as a volunteer. Sara is also training to be a CASA Pro-Kids Advocate—we know she’ll do great!

Sara Rorer

Thank you Sara and Julie for all the hours you’ve volunteered for the GLAD House kids!

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