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Meet the Staff!

Happy Fall! This year during our Fall Festival, our staff dressed up as superheroes. (In case you missed our theme, it's "There is a Superhero Inside All of Us"!) The staff and kids had a BLAST painting pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and decorating our doors! Without further ado, meet the staff of GLAD House!

From left to right:

Crys Alexander: Program Director

Derek Stegner: Outreach Therapist

Todd Ryan: Director of Operations

Inga Baublyte: Champs Program Assistant

Michelle Cox: Executive Director

Talor Hall: Champs Program Assistant

Violet Mullins (above): Champs Program Assistant

Alisha Shaffer (below): Champs Program Coordinator

Harper Hill: Champs Program Assistant

Maggie Rivera: Champs Program Assistant

Taira Williams: Lead Champs Program Assistant

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