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Summer Send Off

Wow, what a summer! Our days at GLAD House were packed with fun activities, and our kids had a blast!

Exciting activities are an important component of our drug prevention program. Finding passions helps kids cope with difficult life situations and keeps them from turning to drugs. GLAD House provides a place for kids to try new experiences that they would otherwise miss out on, and spark interests that will last a lifetime.

This summer, we went horseback riding, did yoga, had a visit from the Newport Aquarium, went swimming, had a field trip to Coney Island, and so much more! On our last day of program, we threw a pizza party and field day full of outdoor games and a water balloon fight!

Field trip to Coney Island

Field trip to Greenacres Horseback Riding

Field trip to Greenacres Horseback Riding

Thank you picture to our yoga instructor

Getting ready for the big water balloon fight! We had two tubs full of balloons!

The Summer Program has come to an end, but that doesn't mean the fun stops there! We're so excited for what the Fall Program will bring. If you want to support our mission to support children of addicted parents, click the link below to help us bring more prevention activities into the new school year!

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