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From Little Seeds Grow Mighty Trees

The theme of this year’s annual art show is, From Little Seeds Grow Mighty Trees!

The GLAD House kids are excited about growth—they know that the seeds they plant today will grow into the amazing lives they can have in the future!

Every day at GLAD House, our kids are planting seeds: they develop coping skills, form healthy bonds with friends and trusted adults, learn about their risk factors, and simply have a safe place to experience being a kid!

These seeds will grow into a lifetime of resilience, helping EVERY GLAD House kid achieve their potential and live fulfilling lives free of substance abuse.

We asked our kids to draw the ways that they want to grow in the future, and together, we created a tree of growth!

“I want to be an engineer. I can work on this by focusing more in school and helping others.

What’s your destination?”

"Healthcare Worker"

“When I first started here I was very sensitive but the longer I stayed at gladhouse the stronger I got and I’m so grateful for that... I was a very damaged little girl because of what I was going through. They helped me be the best person I can be my best self. I have developed ways to help me.”

“I’ve been in gladhouse for a couple of weeks only and it has helped me feel better and I have something to look forward to. At gladhouse I want to have strong relationships.”


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