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Overcoming Obstacles

During challenging times in our lives it can sometimes feel as if we are climbing up a mountain with many different obstacles. At GLAD House, we learn that there are many ways that we can face and overcome these obstacles. By identifying our goals, using our coping skills, and with the aid of trusted people in our life, we know that there is no challenge too difficult or mountain too large for us to overcome.

These mountain climbers represent what we use to overcome our obstacles, like doing yoga, taking deep breaths, and using a glitter bottle!

The flags that lead up the mountain display our goals, like “to stay focused,” “impulse control,” and “to be my own person”!

Our tents are the shelters that make us feel safe: like a healthy family, trustworthy friends, and a support system.

Goats, logs, and boulders represent the obstacles we have to overcome to climb to the top: like bullies, meeting new friends, and going to a new school.

Together, we are climbing the mountain, overcoming obstacles, and reaching our goals!


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