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The Season of Giving

When you think of the winter season, what words come to mind? Perhaps cold, ice, and snow? Or maybe some warmer memories come to mind, like fireplace, blankets, and hot cocoa.

This year at GLAD House, we want to focus on two words: gratefulness and giving. We believe that what truly makes the winter season so special is that it's a time when we remember to focus on what is truly important, namely our families and the things we are grateful for.

Over the holidays, our GLAD House family had a LOT to be grateful for! Thanks to some very generous donors and the volunteers of Formica, GLAD House transformed into Santa's Workshop. Each child was not only able to select a gift for themselves, but also one for each member of their families so that they could experience the joy of giving a gift to someone else.

But we don't want the spirit of giving to end there. Just before the winter break, we took some time to discuss what things we can do to continue giving throughout the year. Together, we created our "giving tree"! Here are some of our resolutions:

  • Whoever falls, help them up

  • Say nice words

  • Help people with drawing

  • Ask people to play with me

  • Share a compliment with at least 1 person every day

  • Share toys

  • Help people calm down

  • Give a helping hand

  • Ask someone about their day

With GLAD House back in session, we can't wait to carry on the season of giving into the new year!

What are you grateful for this winter season?


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