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Confidence Masks

We asked the kids, “Do Superheroes have flaws?” Of course they do! A hero with no flaws is boring! We like Superheroes who change and grow through the course of a story. Heroes who must confront some flaw of their own as they also handle the external stuff!

Just like a PERFECT superhero would be boring, a PERFECT person would be boring too. We all have things that we are good at and we all have flaws and things that we are trying to work on, too!

We asked the kids to name some things that they like about themselves, things they enjoy doing, what they are good at, and what makes them feel strong and confident. Following, we asked each participate to write a few of those things down on the front of their mask.

Then we asked the kids to think about what they struggle with the most, something that they don’t do well or feel confident about, especially what they would like to continue working on and/or to change. We asked each participate to write a few of those things down on the inside of their mask. The kids were remind that we don’t always have to show the world what we are struggling with and what we want to improve, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge it because everyone in the world has things they are working on to improve/change about themselves.

Afterward the kids were asked to decorate the outside of their mask in a way they feel represents them.

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